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SEO Auditor

The on-page SEO score auditor.

SEO Auditor is an online tool to analyze a website for its on-page SEO score. SEO professionals can use this tool to analyze websites, generate reports and share the reports with companies or the website owners. In addition to the web-based report generation, high quality and branded PDF reports can be exported as well.

As text content is important and our tool considers the length of the text on a web page to calculate the on-page score, we are adding some dummy text here. This text may not produce any sense to you but this is intended to just make our website score well for the on-page SEO test. On your websites, we don't encourage you to place meaningless text, instead the web page should contain meaningful content.

By having high quality content on your web page, you will be able to improve the on-page SEO score. You should keep this in mind that the text is not intended to only improve the score in our web tool, instead the more high quality content you will have on your website, the better it will get ranked in SERPs.

What can you do with SEO Auditor?

SEO Auditor can be used by SEO professionals to analyze websites for on-page SEO issues. This tool runs powerful and highly reliable tests to determine how good a website has been optimized for on-page SEO. SEO professionals can see all the issues in a great UI. Not only the web report, a high quality PDF report can be exported as well.

The generated reports can be shared using their URL. A custom logo can be used to brand the PDF reports and the entire look and feel of the website can be modified very easily. Once you purchase SEO Auditor, it is all yours and you can make it your own fully by customizing its UI components.

If you are working as a freelance SEO expert, there isn't any better tool than SEO Auditor to generate high quality on-page SEO reports for your clients' websites. You can run tests using this tool and then you can generate high quality reports with your clients. As each test generates a unique shareable report, you can generate and share reports before and after your SEO work. This way, your clients will know easily how much SEO optimization you have done after your work.